Better graphics card or faster hard drive/ssd

Hey, i just wanted to ask about if its better to get a gtx 780m with a 750gb 5400rpm hard drive or a gtx 770m with a 750gb 7200rpm hard drive and 256 gb ssd. These are both asus laptops so i dont know what would be the best for gaming.
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  1. get the 780m and upgrade the hdd yourself later.

    if you got the 750m, most likely, you would never be able to upgrade it to a 780m

    the 780m is much better for gaming.
  2. well it was actually a gtx 770m not a 750m :P
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    Check out

    Then compare against the 780M.

    However, as oczdude said, you should really (if you can) consider the higher end gpu then, if needed down the line, replace the OS HDD with an SSD since, critically, replacing a gpu in any laptop is VERY expensive!! and the laptop will very probably not have the space and thermodynamics for future significant gpu replacement.
    On the other hand, replacing the HDD/s with an SDD can, in most cases, be done by the user (the drive cover/s normally easily accessible under the laptop).
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