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Hello, I am going to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 660 and I need a 500w-600w power supply. I have about 100 dollars usd to spend, which from my research should be able to buy a good power supply. The only problem is that the case is small, and I do not know what will fit. So please suggest a good power supply that will fit.
Desktop Dimensions (L x W x H) 14.88 x 3.10 x 10.51 inches
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  1. Do you have the 660s? if so it can only fit low profile cards so 500-600watt would be overkill.
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    Low-profile single-slot width to be more precise. The PCI-E x16 slot is the second slot on the motherboard.

    The Dell Inspiron 660s' PSU is a custom variation on the Flex ATX form factor. I highly doubt that you could even find a 500W-600W version. 400W is a possibility but not needed since you won't find a graphics card that would fit in that computer case that requires that amount of power.
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