GA-X58 UD3R & i7 920: CPU POWER ?

I've just bought a nice new PSU as my old one was giving out a nasty whistle.

When it came to wiring it all up again I noticed something weird. The CPU power on the motherboard only had 1 4pin connector inserted into the 8pin slot. Why would I have done that in the past?!

Should I now put another 4pin in?

I think I'm going to be on the lookout for a new Socket 1366 motherboard soon anyway as I want to be able to accommodate 2 graphics cards but only two slots on this are just too close together. Ugh.
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  1. use the 8pin.
  2. It's working, and appears to have been working for a while, with just a 4 pin. What am I losing out on by not having an 8 pin in? I'm not noticing any system instability.

    I'm not saying that you're wrong, I agree with you - I'm just wondering what difference it makes.
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    using a 4 pin means your motherboard gets less power for the CPU. I would read your mobos manual and see what it says about this.

    the power supplied by a 4pin is, on paper, enough to run a stock 920 (130W) . see this thread:

    but if you psu comes with the right cable, why not use it? most likely your previous psu didn't have the 8 pin.
  4. Thanks for the link - I might as well just shove it in :)
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