Is it safe to increase the gpu fan speed?

I found that my gpu was reaching a maximum of 80c while gaming. I also saw that when gaming demanding games, the gpu fan is only running at about 33% top speed. I downloaded precision x and when I increased the fan speed to 65%, the gpu reached a max temperature of only 70c. Is it safe (as in it wont wear out or damage the fan or gpu) to increase the gpu fan speed while gaming?

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    Yes of course it's safe to, it's better to have a louder sound emanating from the fan than to have a card running hot

    Modern fan bearings can survive many years, generally long enough before the card itself becomes outdated for gaming

    Ideally, you'd want to download MSI afterburner and set up a custom fan curve, so it only ramps up when it hits a certain temperature
  2. radeon r9 cards are built to run at 95C so for one of those it's not worth increasing the noise level.
  3. Thank you very much!
  4. And by the off chance that a fan bearing starts going bad (generally they last 2-3 years at least), you can oil the bearings for it to run quiet and smooth again for a while
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