Computer shuttong off 1 second after start up

Brand new computer.

i5 4670 CPU
Corsair 750 W power supply

Gigabyte ga z87x d3h motherboard

I turn the computer on, and it starts to boot and immediately shuts down. THen it repeats that cycle unless I unplug the PSU.

Things I have tried

Switching memory sticks
Unplugging everything except motherboard and PSU
Resetting CMOS by taking out the battery.

THe PSU was working 30 minutes ago when i took it from my old computer.
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  1. Does it stay on long enough to give you a beep code?
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    User error. Both power cords had to be plugged in. Found it in another tomshareware thread
  3. Ah, yes it helps to have all the power cords plugged in.
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