I need help with my case fan set up

I got a nzxt source 210. it only has 1 case fan at the rear. im adding another cause i can only get 1 more as of right now. where should i install my extra case fan. (its a 120mm) and should it push or pull? (I hace a 750K with the stock cooler and a sapphire 7870. (just so you know what it would help cooling
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  1. I would put it in the front of the system as an intake fan. IF you arent doing overclocking on the cpu or gpu, stock cooling with 1 intake and 1 exhaust fan should work. You can also turn your power supply to be an exhaust.
  2. I like positive pressure airflow. It keeps things cleaner.
    I would put two 120mm fans as intakes in the front.

    Actually, You might try the case as it is first. I suspect you will not need any extra fans which will add to the noise.
  3. if you have a slot in the front or at the side of the case, you could put it there.

    also, may i suggest, google SPOT COOL. it's a nice little fan , very useful (i have one to cool down my south bridge, it gets really hot). You can attach it almost anywhere inside the case to help cool things down or circulate the air at least
    if you are not satisfied, you can also get exhaust fan that goes into the expansion slots (pci/pci-e), its old school but if you need it its an option
  4. I ordered a NZXT 120mm performance fan since its my case maker and has 191 reviews on amazon with an overall 4.5 stars. I thought about the side cause itll be right by my gpu and cpu but im thinking about the front also because it makes a good airflow from intake in front and exhaust in back. but wouldnt the drive bays block some of the airflow from the front?
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    You will not likely populate all the drive slots, and without drives, there is little disruption in airflow.
    I agree that a side fan will disrupt the natural airflow.

    Fans do not cool(parts do not sweat)
    Fans move air, preferably hot air, and as directly out of the case as possible.
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