optical drive into sata6 on motherboard have to be set to IDE

hey guys, i am still learning and getting ready for my new build. i read something on the forums about ahci and ide, msahci, etc. which really confuses me to begin with. now i know your optical drive is connected to your motherboard via a sata cable into a sata port on your motherboard, correct? and if you only have sata6 ports, it must go into one of those even if it doesnt utilize the speed. i was reading a post of what to choose ssd to be, ide or ahci. i read a response that said if your ssd and optical drive are on the same controller, that you must set your ssd to IDE. that doesnt make sense to me, arent all the ports on the same controller? i think i am just reading way too much and confusing myself, if anyone can maybe clear some things up for me it would be really appreciated. you guys are great, thank you.
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    An SSD does NOT run on ide - it runs on SATA. At present there is SATA, SATA2 and SATA3 - most m/b's today use either S2 or S3.

    When you see Sata6, that refers to the controller plug (#6) on your motherboard - it does not have anything to do with the "modes" of S2 and S3.

    Typically, motherboards will have two SATA controllers - these are the interfaces between SATA compliant devices (hdd's, ssd's, cdroms, etc) and your m/b. Some controllers are SATA2 (lower speed) and are used for slower devices such as hdd's. The second controller might be another S2, but it also might be an S3 which is higher speed and used for faster devices such as the SSD.

    When you set up your m/b, you want to set it to AHCI mode (not ide) to enable your m/b to make use of the sata ports.

  2. thanks for the reply mark. i was mixing it up saying sata 6 meaning sata 6gb/s. i am guessing that is the sata 3 mode you talked about above? the motherboard i will be using is the asus m5a97 r2.0. i have read about sometimes being able to designate certain controller plugs on the motherboard to work for IDE and the others AHCI? i just read about people having problems with having their optical drives hooked up using AHCI. I think it might have been old posts though.

    just want to make sure i get everything right the first time around
    thank you
  3. The M5A97 you are looking at has 6 SATA3 (6g/s) ports and 0 ide ports. You will be hard pressed to find any current m/b's that support ide. You will have no problems running any type of SATA device - hdd, ssd, cd, etc. with this board. When SATA first came out, boards had both options to allow folks to use their older ide devices with newer SATA based boards. At that time, there may have been issues with using both types, but today's boards are all SATA and there are no issues.

    Don't worry - if you are building with new or relatively new parts, they will all be sata based. Since your board has all S3 ports, just hook up your stuff wherever it's convenient.

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