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Hi guys!
I have recently installer my SSD, and on it, a operating system. Before, I had a HDD with all my games, pics, music, etc. on. When I boot my PC, there will only come a clean PC, like I have just gotten it. This might be because the SSD only contains the operating system. How can I make the HDD load as normal, so it will show the games, and all of the stuff on it, but still having the SSD to boot the PC. Also, all of my video drivers are on the HDD.
Note: If any details needed, please ask me.
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  1. sorry, i dont quite understand.
    i have a similar setup, an ssd for os and BF4 and a few more games, the rest goes to the HDD (other games and stuff). my boot time is like 13 sec after the beep, and everything is snappy
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    I think you have have to install the games onto the HDD when using the operating system on the SSD. I'm not sure if you can transfer the games so that they also show in the "Uninstall or change a program".
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