Windows 8 or 7 won't install!?

Right so ive just built a new pc core i5 3570k, ga b75m d3h, 8GB ram gtx 760. 120GB Sandisk SSD, and an old 320GB HHD

I came to install windows 8.1 on it for the first time today and it booted to the windows logo, then turns itself off and does the whole thing again?
I was booting from a disk.
I tried an old windows 7 disk and i got a blue screen giving an error 0x0000098 and that windows couldn't be booted into?
I can't figure out why it isn't working, everything is wired up correctly?
I've tried removing the gtx 760 and seeing if that made a difference and it didn't.

I thought it might be the disk so i put it in my faithful laptop and it booted to the windows 8 installation screen!
SO the disk is fine

Also out of curiosity i inserted an Ubuntu 12.04 disk to see if that would boot and it did.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. Did you disconnect the hdd? Did you set bios to AHCI?

  2. markwp said:
    Did you disconnect the hdd? Did you set bios to AHCI?


    I have set the bios to AHCI but I had both the SSD and the HDD connected at the same time? Would that stop the installation disk from booting?
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    It might. Anytime you install an o/s, you want to have only the disc on which you are installing connected, especially if you have or had an o/s on the other disc at one time.
  4. I have had windows 7 on the HDD before.. but the SSD is brand new? I will disconnect the HDD and see if that works.

    Also how come Ubuntu could boot it's installation disk but windows couldn't?
  5. If you are using a "live cd" from ubuntu, it runs directly from ram and squash fs and does not use any hdd or ssd. That's why you can run it without messing up your system.
  6. It didn't work it comes up with a blue screen saying

    your pc needs to be repaired
    the operating system could not be loaded because the kernel is missing or contains errors
    error code: 0xc0000098
    youll need to use the recovery tools on you installation media
  7. Are you installing from a purchased dvd or from a download?
  8. markwp said:
    Are you installing from a purchased dvd or from a download?

    It was a download ISO that i had made a bootable disk with.
    I think I have found the problem, I think the RAM that i have bought is not compatable with my motherboard..
    Rookie mistake..
    Sending this ram back and buying some definitely compatible sticks.

    I'll post back sometime and let you know if this is the solution.
    Thanks for your help.
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