run bf4 without lag

i just wanted to know if my system could bf4 smoothly or above 40 fps

Intel i5-2319
xfx hd 7750 2gb
CORSAIR CX series CX500 500W ATX12V
windowns 7
4 gb ram

thank you
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    At what resolution? The 7750 is lower end. In fact it's weaker than any card on this list, a step below the HD 6850.,7.html

    It might be playable with the image quality settings turned way down at lower resolutions.
  2. at med or low setting u should be able to run it smoothly near 30-50 fps it is quite optimized for pc not like the ubisoft's ac3
  3. my budget is 200$ which gfx do u guyz suggest me ????
  4. the best gpu would be

    For AMD you have the 7850 which is my pick:

    From Nvidia there is the 560 ti or GTX 660

    you can search it at newegg or amazon
  5. Glenda Peter said:
    Battlefield 4 lags occur during loading screen or game play. This article highlights steps to fix the problem on different Windows platforms.

    1. Disable Network Discovery
    2. Disable ECN Packets
    3. Optimize Background Services & Defrag Registry
    4. Stop Universal Plug & Play Service
    5. Disable Origin Notifications
    6. Change Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames
    7. Remove Saved Controls
    8. Remove Corrupt License Files
    9. Change Display Settings
    10. Update your Drivers
    11. Change Game Configurations
    12. Change Undefined Monitor Number
    13. Change Screen Resolution

    I found these steps from this article. You can get more details from here:
    Thankz mate :)))
  6. You can optimize all you want. If your card is to weak to play the game well there is nothing you can do but upgrade.

    You can easily get a GTX 660 or an HD 7870Ghz Ed./R9 270/270X at a $200 budget.
  7. The human eye cannot see past 20 frams so that is totally fine
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