The big question: Upgrade or Wait?

Hey guys! So I'm STILL finishing my current build and I was wondering if I should just wait for the Haswell-E chips to come out in Q1 2014 or Finish my build and buy an Haswell / Ivy Bridge-E. I also was wondering the same thing for the Nvidia gtx 800 series, if I should wait or upgrade now to a 2 way water-cooled 780-ti in SLI, AND The same goes for the x99 motherboards, upgrade to an x79 Asus rampage iv black or wait. Money is an issue, but NOTHING major. Thanks :)
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  1. If you want it NOW then go buy, If not wait and save at the same time. :)
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    Money can't be much of an issue if you're looking to get the most expensive parts on the market lol. Any answer you get will be pure speculation obviously however....

    For the cpu and mobo, I'd say dive in feet first with an Ivy Bridge-E. You won't need to upgrade from that for a long time. For the graphics cards, I'd recommend waiting. While the 780 ti is the fastest gpu on the market today, the 800 series will come with a die shrink. The performance gains should be much larger than the 600 series to 700 series gains.

    However, remember that if you are always waiting for what is just on the horizon, you'll be waiting forever.
  3. Alright, thanks, think I'll wait for the Graphics cards :p. They won't need the new ddr4 memory and all that right? nor the new mobo's to work. Or do we not know this yet.
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