Looking for a Good cheap Gaming Motherboard!

Hello everyone! I am looking for a good Gaming motherboard that is cheaper than $170 US. I would really like it if you only suggested Gigabyte and ASUS. I'm hoping it will come with a wireless network card too. I will be doing a lot of OCing ans you will see in my part list.

8GB G.Skill RAM
AMD 7950/7970
Intel i7 4770K
Corsair CX 750W

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  1. I recommend this:

    Very high end features for a great price.
  2. Thanks for the feedback but the thing is, MSI isn't the best motherboards brand. If I get no other responses, then I will get it. Thanks!
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    If you like Micro-ATX (Unless you need 3-4 way SLI), then I recommend this:

    If you dont mind the Black/gold color scheme:
  4. I used to have the Z87-Pro but I changed it out. I will choose you as a best answer. I actually chose the Gigabyte G1.Sniper.
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