Crossfire wont show on Catalyst Help!

I have a 7870 His Ghz edition card and a 7870 Saphire Ghz edition card I uninstalled and installed the drivers and everything and they both work on there own I tested them. But when I put the crossfire bridge on it seems to do nothing but still only use one of the cards. I cannot find anything about crossfire in the catalyst the only thing under game performance is 3D Applicationsettings. I would appreciate it if someone could help me :). Pic of my catalyst-

I tried the latest drivers and even the beta driver but none seem to have the crossfire option
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  1. And the problem is.

    The cards are slightly out of sync.

    Just like memory in a system you cannot pair two memory sticks that run at different frequency's.
    What will happen is for example if one runs slower than the other then Dual channel mode does not work.
    You would have to lower the clock speed of one set of memory sticks, and the timing values.
    Or in some cases because one memory module can not work as fast it is ignored or refuses to work.

    Are you getting the Idea why the cards won`t Xfire yet?

    7870 card Gpu clock speed and memory speed values ?
    7870 Ghz edition Gpu clock speed and memory speed values.

    Base speeds no overclocking at all.

    So what do you do.

    Take note of the lowest clock speed Gpu, and memory speed of one card.
    Take that out of the system.

    Let the single card work with the higher clock rates in the system.
    Then lower them to the values you noted of the slower card with ccc or evga overclocking.

    Set the lower values.

    Shut down the system.
    Place the slower card in.
    Then fit the Xfire bridge.

    The cards need to sync you see, just like memory to link together, one cannot be working at a slightly higher speed, sync or Xfire will not be obtained.

    Have a look and I think you will find one card on its gpu and memory clock is running higher than the other.

    Just like memory sticks of different speeds, a slight manual tweak is needed to get them running together to sync. On the clock speed and timing values. ect.

    The higher speed card is always left in first, because you know you can clock it down to the lower value card to obtain a sync.

    I think I posted this a few times as a Xfire fix.
    So let me know if it works for you, I remember the last guy who had the same problem said it worked like a charm.

    NB: Last of all never run another bit of card overclocking software in conjunction with CCC.

    It will also cause a sync problem with the two cards, since both are conflicting in speed gpu settings and memory speed values. In that case for both set the same gpu clock speeds/ memory for both CCC and example evga overclocking ect.
    Or remove uninstall evga ect..

    This can sometimes be the cause.

    So let me know if you get it working and best solution.
    Good luck.
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