What is the best CPU cooler I can get for a 3570k?

I want to overclock my CPU further and have decently low temps.

Can be air or closed liquid (280mm max radiator size), I can go pretty high budget wise.
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  2. I just picked up the h110 from Corsair and installed the fans pulling the air out, yet to install a push/pull config, and have overclocked to 4.6ghz on a 4770k. Temps have been really good so far, not exceeding 65C with the fans set automatically and 60-61C when I software control them and max them out.

    With the AIO cooling, you do have the heat extracted out of your case more effectively.
  3. also when you use AIOs you take away the cooling the motherboard gets from the CPU fans,

    this will pretty much tell you to stay away from AIOs - - Noctua Air will get you some great OCs and be even quieter than the H100i, I suggest using the credit card method when spreading TIM as it is the method that has the thinnest layer.
  4. If you want to go all out you do a custom loop, but they are pretty expensive if you want to cool CPU/GPU/MOBO
  5. Cooler Master 212 Plus is working for me. Just built mine earlier this week OC'ed my i5-3750k last night up to 4.4 ghz and my temps were around 60c (I do live in minnesota though and keep my house fairly cold ~19c)
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