Will cloning from a HDD to a SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive) be fine?

I know the general rule is to install the OS on the new hard drive but if I simply plug in my SSHD and use acronis to clone from my current HDD to it then switch the boot drive will the hybrid drive be okay with it?
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  1. Theres no reason I can think of for why it wouldn't work like a normal HDD to HDD clone.
  2. Do you think the SSHD will be optimized fine?
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    The drive will optimize whats in the SSD cache over extended usage, I think itl be fine.
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  5. MusicRush said:
    Do you think the SSHD will be optimized fine?

    The wonderful thing about SSHDs is they optimize themselves after active use. It all depends on your application of the drive though. You'll see improved boot times and faster responce speed from frequently used programs on your SSHD.
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