Upgrading PC should I keep my motherboard or get a new one?

Hello everyone, so recently my GPU went toast and I decided since I will have to get a new one anyway I might aswell upgrade my CPU, Im thinking about getting a gtx 650 ti boost and a i5 3570k but I wanted to know if this is compatible with my motherboard so I can keep it for a while longer or ismit necesary to get a new one?

Current specs:
GeForce 9800 gt (RIP)
Intel core 2 quad Q6600 2.40ghz
Gigabyte GA-EP35C-DS3R
4Gb ddr2 RAM
625w PSU
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    The Core2Quad is a socket 775 CPU, the 3570K is a socket 1155 CPU.

    You will need a new motherboard too.
  2. Thanks a lot for your feedback, also I have no idea where to begin searching for a new motherboard, wich ones would you recommend for what I want? I mainly use it for gaming and editing.
  3. Do you want to overclock?
    Will you ever go for a dual GPU solution?

    For that matter, what is your total budget for this upgrade?

    What EXACT PSU and RAM and chassis do you have?
  4. 1.- Probably, in the near future.
    2.- I dont think so.
    3.- The gtx 650 I already had and the CPU is pretty much the one I want so for the motherboard I'd say about $50 to $100 bucks, preferably something around the middle.
    4.- PSU: cooler master extreme 2 625w, Chasis: cooler master K550 mid tower. RAM: 2x kingston 2Gb ddr2 pc5400 667Mhz.
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