New OS Install now not finding drivers automatically??

I have recently re-installed Win 7 (Enterprise) but now when i connect any usb devices it can no longer automatically update the drivers. This is for simple things like cameras or phones?

Any ideas??
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  1. Check if PnP (Plug and Play) is enabled in the control panel.
  2. Hi,
    Yes, that's enabled. Windows offers to search but I constantly get "No Driver Found".

    Any other thoughts?

  3. Hmmm, not sure. Have you given these steps a shot?
  4. bjaminnyc said:
    Hmmm, not sure. Have you given these steps a shot?

    Thanks bjaminnyc, i will check this out later today.
  5. Hi,
    Thanks the link, but still no joy. I have been able to read the memory card from my camera on a memory card reader but still not found drivers to access my camera directly, which is strange because it works fine on any other Win XP/7/8 machine.
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    Have you done all of the service pack updates for windows 7? Also try.

    1. Make sure you are logged in as an administrator
    2. If connected, disconnect your (device) from the PC
    3. Open your command prompt, click Start select Run
    4. Type cmd then press Enter
    5. Type the following after the prompt: Net localgroup Administrators local service /add then press Enter

    NOTE: A "The command completed successfully" message should appear.

    6. Close the command prompt and reconnect (device).
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