Windows won't start up and Startup Repair can't fix it

Upon restarting the computer this grave situation has come to light.
Apart from Startup Repair not being able to fix it, none of the Safe Modes(or other boot options available through F8) are starting up either, Restore to an earlier point in time or System Image Recovery are not working either, and system restore with file backup won't work as there is not enough space for backup.
Anything I can do apart from doing a complete system restore?
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  1. Sounds like a hard drive failure, best option would be to take the drive out connect to another PC and check it with sea tools or relevant manufacturer software and then recover/back-up as much data as you can before it completely fails.
  2. you dont really describe whats happening when you try and boot the machine. Do you get an error ? does it just stick at a blank screen or the windows loading bar ? do you even get that far ?

    as already suggested it might be the drive its self that's become faulty, but its worth noting you will often have to run start up repair 3 or 4 times to fix some boot issues.
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