My system is pretty much on the verge in terms of performance between 64bit and 32bit, which should I pick?

I have a ASRock Mother Board, G31M-GS or G31M-S (can't remember, but both are almost the same for that matter- LGA 775, DDRII, PCIEX16, SATAII)
Gigabyte GeForce 7300GS (256MB DDRII PCIE),
3GB (2+1) 800Mhz DDRII RAM .
I want to install Windows 7 Ultimate, the problem is that I don't know which I should install- 32bit or 64?

Is it a good idea to install windows or should I just stick with 32?
Will it help my performance, reduce it or leave it without noticable change?
What variables am I suppose to look at?
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    I'm running an older LGA-775 motherboard with win 7 64 bit. As long as you can find device drivers for all your hardware, go 64 bit. You will be able to upgrade to 4+ GB of ram although DDR2 ram may be hard to find or expensive now.
  2. you need 64bits only for more then 4gb of ram. you're ok with the 32bits version.
  3. It depends on the requirements of the software you run. Some newer software will not run on a 32-bit OS. But most 32-bit software will run on a 64-bit system. With Windows Ultimate 64-bit, you can even install 32-bit virtual PC running in XP mode (if your particular processor supports virtualization) to run any software that requires 32-bit on Windows XP and won't run on a 64-bit OS.

    I'd go 64-bit unless you have specific hardware or software requiring you to stay in the world of 32-bit.
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