Which motherboard is gd to pair up with a Asus R9 280X DC2 top?

I was thinking along the lines of Asus Z87 or H87, am taking a look at gigabyte Z87M D3H too but am not too sure if they go well with the R9 280X gpu card. I just do not want the R9 280X to underperform (buying a low-end mother board for a high-end gpu and not bringing out the full potential of the gpu). Any recommendations ?

And will they all fit into a CoolerMaster CM690 III?
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  1. performance of the graphics card in games is more related to processor ...
    as long as motherboard has 2.0 16x or 3.0 16x pcie express slot the performance of the card would be the same...
    what cpu do you have ?
  2. i was thinking of getting i5-4670K. Is it gd for the gpu?
  3. yes it´s perfect processor for gaming and overclocking ...
  4. hmmm how bt the mother board? I'm still looking at Asus Z87-A and Asus H87-pro and gigabyte Z87M D3H. Other than the price difference of $60, whats the diff between the Z, H, A and Pro? I guess a asus gpu card should go with a asus motherboard right?
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    If you plan on overclocking, i'm assuming that you will, because you're picking the "k" version, then you only have to look at Z87 mobos. Others aren't for overclocking. Pick the Z87m-Plus. It's a decent mb, at a low price. Never pick cheap mobos that aren't ASUS. Asus even uses great quality components, for their cheaper line of boards, which makes them more reliable overall.

    It doesn't really matter which manufacturer gpu you pick. As long as you like how the card looks, but really you should pick either a Sapphire card, or Asus. MSI I've heard are decent, but Gigabyte gpu's are on the "cheap" end of quality, when it comes to cooling. 3 fans don't really matter, when your case sounds like a jet hangar.

    Get both an Asus motherboard and a Asus gpu. You'll likely never have problems, until your next upgrade. Gigabyte makes great motherboards too, but their boards like to "die" from mysterious causes, more often than not. Google it, if you don't believe me.
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