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With holiday bargains in full swing i'mlooking for the best laptop to use as essentially a media hub to store my digital libray, edit/transcode videos, and make my digital content easily accessible across all my devices. With that In mind I have no idea which processors to be looking for. Would anything cheaper than a Richland series AMD A8 suffice, or should I really be looking for something with an ivy bridge or even haswell i3 or i5?
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  1. typically laptops will use 2.5inch hdd drives and only 1. for a media server you will want a bit more storage options...
  2. How are you planning to serve this content? Do you have a beefy enough Wi-Fi infrastructure to support simultaneous access? Or are you planning to use LAN? As far as CPU goes, any quad-core offering from AMD or Intel should suffice. AMD has the advantage when it comes to entry price and integrated graphics, so that may be the direction you'd like to take.

    Either way, happy shopping!
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