confusion about how many time we can use windows 8 key when we format our pc

hye guys, i wanna ask something, before this i'm using windows 8 pro, then i upgraded to windows 8.1 when the 8.1 version is released..but before this, i was already used the key about 3 times, because i kept formatting my pc because get some problems, the question is, i wanna buy new mobo and cpu, now i'm using amd set, i wanted to change to if i change mobo and cpu, then i do a format, can i use my current activation key again?
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  1. Yes on 8 it is not a breach of the license as long it is only 1 computer at a time!
  2. but is it still valid when i'm changing the hardware?..before this i used amd, now i want to change to intel..that means new mobo and cpu..still acceptable?
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    Yes it is still valid regardless of what platform you are using!
  4. but before this i key in the activation key for windows 8 pro..then i was upgraded to windows 8.1 from store. now i created windows 8.1 usb boot for format my pc, at the beginning of installation, it requires us to key in an activation key, can i put in my old activation key for windows 8 pro to windows 8.1 installation? activation key was from windows 8 pro, then i upgraded to 8.1, i'm confuse now, should i format windows 8 pro then upgrade to windows 8.1 again or i can directly install win 8.1 by inserting my old key?
  5. I believe you have to install 8 and then upgrade again.
  6. so means that i need to install 8 first then upgrade it again to 8.1?..if i directly install 8.1, the key wont work?
  7. I simply do not know! You can try and I am sure if it does not work you can activate by calling MS.
  8. i heard from someone we can activate it by using to do that? you know?
  9. I have called a couple of times with old XP that needed re activation and eventually got a person that gave me a code. There is an automatic way but if you cant online then it does not work.
  10. so for safety measure, better install with 8 first, then upgrade to 8.1 right..
  11. I am sure that will work!
  12. ok2..thanks buddy :)
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