Now days is it bad to leave your PC on all the time?

I remeber with the second PC I ever owned...a Core 2 quad with an intel MB a hd 5770 and a 450w generic PSU. I left it on all the time pretty much I only turned it off if I knew I was not going to be back home for day. And I got it used and it never died. But I have read mixed feeling on the subjuct on google. For instance it will shorten your HDD lifespan. But then I read that it is not good for the motherboard and the PSU to be turned off and on frequently. If anyone has any thoughts or preferences let me know..
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  1. I leave my computer on 24/7. Sleep sometimes but RARELY shut it down. It is better for alot of components to be always on. But, there is no real definite study to prove this.
  2. most components have a shelf lifeime four to ten times as long as their USEFUL, not-obsolete period. A CPU could run 24/7, 365 for 10 YEARS, for example.
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    You should be fine, but from a stand point of saving energy I just put my computer to sleep, literally takes 2 seconds to come back and be fully functional.
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