Which Graphics card would perform best using a PCIe 2 bus? Memory bandwidth?


I'm buying a new Graphics card and I have been comparing these 2 cards
Radeon HD 7870 IceQ X & Radeon R9 270X IceQ X².

They are pretty closely matched but the R9 270X is the stronger card, however I only have a PCIe 2 bus. I believe the R9 would max out a PCie2 bus's Memory bandwidth and the HD7870 is just under. How much would this affect the performance?

Should I get the R9 or the HD7870?
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    Modern graphics card should not saturate a 2.0 x 16 bandwidth. Go with what ever card works best for you. There are several reviews out there which show you really only start to lose a little performance at around 2.0 X 4 and below.

    edit -- the 270x is just a rebadged 7870, that is why the performance is so close, I believe they just pumped up the clock frequency on it. I would just grab the cheaper of the two and over clock slightly.
  2. Thanks burdenbound! I'll get the R9, it's £7 cheaper and 27mm shorter so it won't be such a squeeze in the case.
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