please help crysis 3 gtx 560 low FPS

my cpu is e7300 core 2 due 2.66 ghz
ram is ddr2 2gb
gpu is gtx 560 ti
am not getting more than 25 fps on low settings and it's mostly 7-10 fps
is it because of the ram ?
the cpu ?
gpu ?
please help
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  1. Crysis 3 tortures even the highest end of systems. The system you are running on is very low end.
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    I would advice you to build a new pc. If you are short on budget, you could use the gtx 560ti for now and upgrade it later.
  3. would an i3 do it with 4gb h61
  4. Whats your max budget?
    I would get atleast an i5 if you want to keep it for more than 3 yrs. And a B75 Mobo or a Z77(if you want Ivy Bridge) or a B85 or Z87(if you want haswell).
    Still, the i3 3220 would be fine with that gpu but get a b75 board instead and get 8 GB Ram in a (2x4) config @ 1600 Mhz.
    But remember, the gtx 560ti would already bottleneck a little bit but its negligible and if you want to upgrade your gpu in the future then, i would recommend atleast an i5 or maybe an fx-8350 if you go the AMD route.
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