Bad PCI or Bad video card?

Ok So i switch from a Nvidia 580 to a 760. I also moved My MOBO to a new case. when i installed the 770 NO VIDEO. Here are the actions i have taken:

So know I dont know whether both cards are bad or the MOBO PCI slots are toast. I can not get anything on my screen at all. CPU fan is running. GPU fan is running and feels warm.

any advice would be great
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    Firstly, you really didn't tell us if you have 760 or 770.
    Secondly, what PSU do you have?
    Also, check your wirings again.
  2. Ok sorry..

    Its the GTX 760 and I am running the corsair 850w Power
  3. Hmm not sure try the 760 in a friends pc to verify if the card is faulty or not?

    and what about the 580 does it gives a display?
  4. Finaly found the problem..So i broke out my PC3 and tried it on my monitor..with yet another HDMI plug...sure enough there is a short in the HDMI plug on the monitor..The plug is in such a tight spot that it causes the HDMI fittins to bind and I guess over time the connection has gone bad.. I got it all back and working...

    So my Tip: Trouble shoot the monitor back to the CPU if you are having similar GPU issues

    Thanks for all the help..
  5. Glad that the wiring were the problem! Have fun.
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