Intel core 2 duo E6400 to Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 upgrade problem

When the Q6700 cpu is in and i connect power the pc turns on,shows a black screen and i cant shut it down or restart -when i press the buttons nothing happens. I have an intel dp965lt motherboard that is fully compatible with the processor. I have also installed the latest BIOS update. Can someone please tell me whats wrong?
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  1. It sounds like it's either power, or a bios option.
    Did you reset your bios to default? (Although i'm pretty sure a BIOS update will reset all settings to factory default)
  2. i have just updated the bios. Only thing i changed was the boot order of hard drives thats all.
  3. kristianAA said:
    more likely intel mobo chipset wouldnt be problem with gigabyte, Asus boards etc but reset your bios by removing battery for atleast 10 mins if that dosent help clean cmos buy switching jumper

    So you think that cmos is a problem? Or could my PSU cause the problem?
  4. have you seen this CPU working in another PC? Make sure it is good not likely the issue but possible.

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