Page file in non paged area & kmode exception not handled [BSOD's]

For about 4 - 5 years I am encountering BSODs, beginning from IRQL LESS OR EQUAL on Windows 7 to these two from title on Windows 8.1. It all begun after trying to update my nvidia drivers from 331.65 to 331.83. After the necessary restart the proper installation of these drivers begun. However, not long after the start, my computer shut down, like there was no power at all. It happened three times, always at the same point. I've cancelled the installation, however since then I've encountered these BSOD's. On W7 they were right after system load, on 8.1 they are either a couple of minutes after logging in or right after system load (that one happens when there was some time before loading OS, i.e. checking something in BIOS).

I've tried uninstalling the newest NVIDIA drivers (331.93), checking other drivers, even done a stress test in Prime95 and testem RAM in MemTest for 5 hours - both are clean.

What can probably cause these errors? Memory is OCed, but not too much, they're working like a charm on the actual setting for a very long time, and so are the other components.

My rig:
Core 2 Quad Q6600 2,4 @3,0 GHz
4x1GB Kingston HyperX 800 MHz @900 MHz (timings 4-4-4-12)
ASUS Striker II Formula
MSI GeForce GT 640 2GB
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  1. Hello... relax your memory OverClock, increase your memory timings... remove your memory and video card and clean card edge connectors with Rubbing alcohol and reseat them... and see if problem changes.
  2. Dropping values to default ones didn't help at all, I forgot to mention that.

    Also, I've stressed PC a lot in APB (very RAM-demanding game). No crashes, nothing at all. I don't get it.

    Anyway, I'm gonna clean connectors and slots. And what about pushing RAM to 1,9V from default 1,8V? And maybe I'll send dump files, just in case?
  3. Hello... Yes... I would go up to 2,0V max as another test, your power supply could be getting weak at some voltages, You could have one loose DATA or Power connection to a hardrive, DVD, etc, if Windows see's a device go down for a fraction of time, BSOD... Check all your MOLEX connectors and tightenup the socket pins, and check to make sure a pin is not pushed out the back of them, they are such a bad design for modern computer use.
    Unplug anything like a DVD/CD, slot cards, hardrives... etc extra hardware not needed for your tests... isolate hardware that could be causing the BSOD.
    Try another Set of memory Slots too.
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