Should I buy a better gpu and worse cpu or better cpu and worse gpu?

I am planning on upgrading my pc, and i currently have an extremly low end pc

My budget is 950 euro, and i want to play most next gen games (like star citizen, witcher 3) on max settings at 1440p

Should I buy a gtx 780 with an i5 4670k, or a gtx 770 4gb with an i7 4770k.

Will the i5 4670k bottleneck the gtx 780?
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  1. 4670k and 780
  2. No need for an i7 get the better videocard with the i5! Best of luck on the new build!
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    Definitely get the 4670K and GTX 780. The 4670K in no way will bottleneck the 780. Unless the program benefits greatly from multithreading such as rendering or encoding tasks, the differences between the 4770k and 4670k are negligible for gaming.
  4. i5 with a 780...

    I think this choice is going to be unanimous :D
  5. Thanks guys, I will be going with a i5 and gtx 780
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