Can I set up a dual boot system in windows XP-32 bit system with a repair disk of window 7 64-bit system?

I have set up two partitions on a 500GB hard drive one 336GB (E) and the other 128GB (D) after installing the first OS ,Win&, another partition appeared “system reserved” 100MB showed up. All three partitions say healthy. I installed Win 7 first from a repair disk I made on the (D:) partition and it showed Healthy (boot) until I installed Win XP. On the (E:) partition. Now (D;) only shows healthy and the (E;) shows healthy (boot) and I can’t boot the Win7 partition.
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  1. You didn't do anything wrong other than you installed them in the wrong order. Dual boot always install oldest to newest Windows OS. So in your case install Win XP then Win 7 and all will be good. See the note at the bottom of this link. I know the link is for Vista but it's the same for Win 7 and 8/8.1
  2. Thanks for the come back beoza. I have read that article or one just like it and understand the idea. I have tried it both ways and have the same issue each way. I can't get the Win 7 to boot up in XP, and with 7 on first it cant be seen in the system configuration/ window/ boot tab in XP after installing XP, so no dual boot....

    Question is/was the repair disk. As The OS came installed on this computer and I do not have a CD to boot from and I am trying to use the repair disk I made within the OS backup program. I used the repair disk and a Recovery Image I made to install it on the new 500GB hard drive I partition. Win 7 boot after restart and every boot after that for a few days after, until I installed XP on the other partition. wile I was typing this I questioned if it could matter witch OS made the partition ? what do you think. OR do I need a bootable CD, flash drive or ???. This where I could use the most help at this point.

    Thank you again for the help

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    Just a quick up-date for those interested. I found an article in one of the Microsoft sites where I was able to download a clean copy of the windows 7 OS to a DVD as I had a valid key number, that took an hour and a half to download and another hour to write to the DVD.
    I now have windows XP & Win7 on the same computer on two partition and running just fine, or so I think. I did this to be able to keep using my printers, scanners, and such. ( and keep up with the 21 century ).
    I was unable to keep the Works and Word programs as it turned out to be trial issue of Office. Came loaded on the computer.

    Thanks for your help
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