CMOS battery exploded in my face

tried to solder some CMOS battery since my computers one is in a shrink wrap, unfortunately i was unaware of the fact that it could explode. ive thrown it all in the bin and im staying away from soldering defo, (whenever my electronics projects go beyond plugging and clipping, things dont work). i did not take a breathe of the gas that came out so im just wondering would i be OK should i be worried about the gas that came out my brother was their but quite distant away.

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  1. Glad you were not hurt!

    That is a battery that you are hitting with 680+ degree iron! If you were following some online advice or "how to" I suggest you do not visit anymore. You are very lucky nobody was hurt.
  2. thankfully all thats inside is some black stuff, i think what exploded in gas form was the lithium, is that OK, should i be worried in case i did breathe some i tried to not breathe in any, and my bro was their i know lithium isnt good so im just a little worried.
  3. You are fine was probably just smoke and either way not enough to cause you any real harm.
  4. Even if the battery was one of the ones that has bad stuff in it, usually the nickel cadmium batteries, You will be fine. People only get sick from getting a heck of a lot more than a battery can hold.
    !!BUT!! your brother doesn't know that so you should let him know that being in the same room of a explosion like that and breathing will do something bad like make your nards shrink or something funny to scare him :p Don't tell him for a while let him think about it in his head and wonder if it will happen to him. ;)
  5. thats a mean joke :)
    considering that hes only 10- not an adult is it still fine if he breathed some of those fumes, which im presuming is the lithium, or maybe the lithium as a liquid but since it exploded it looked like a gas
  6. Despite what you see in movies....... soldering directly on batteries or live circuits will usually get you a Darwin Award nomination.
  7. yh im staying clear of electronics for a while..
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