Can I use ram ,hard drive and video card with another processor and video card,what to expect from system?

I have previous generation i3 processor and dh55tc motherboard and nvidia geforce gtx550ti made by asus videocard.
I heard if I use ddr3ram and pci-x videocard ,it will be fine
I am using DDR3 1600Mhz Ram ,but im not sure about the videocard , I am using nvidia geforce gtx 550ti made by asus , is it pci-x?
And two more questions...will i need to reinstall windows ? And the new system will be with a bios set to default settings ,right? What to expect when it starts with default settings? Ive heard the usb dont work , so i need to use purple input for keyboard, is it so?
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    Your graphics will work provided your new motherboard has a PCIe x16 slot. The DDR3 ram should work also.
    You will need to reinstall windows, depending upon version a new license may be required.
    USB is natively supported by BIOS, a PS2 mouse/keyboard is not needed (USB 3.0 is not natively supported by BIOS but runs as USB 2.0 to BIOS)
  2. 1.) Your ram will have 0 impact on the video card. The amount of ram perhaps 4-8 GB's is fine but beyond that wouldn't matter.
    2.) The graphic card uses GDDR5 memory which is different.
    3.) Agreed with C12 you may need to reinstall windows a major hardware change like a CPU, and or motherboard will in most cases require one. And maybe a new license as mentioned before.
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