Can this build play BF4 Ultra 60fps+?

The build is

Gpu: R9 280x
CPU : X4 750k 4.0Ghz
Memory speed = 1333 MHz
1 TB hdd with 16 gb ram
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    Yes it will, although the CPU may bottleneck with the 280x. I suggest a 6 or 8 core cpu if you can. Everything else can easily run it on ultra and record both at 60 fps.
  2. On 720p probably. Maybe not on 1080p. That cpu will probably bottleneck the 280x pretty hard on ultra @1080p. unless it's really overclocked.
  3. Allright thx guys
  4. Allright thx guys
  5. I can't get my 2500k and 7970 to go all out in Bf4. I cut down the AA to 2x. I play on a 27' 1080p monitor. I get 50/60 fps most times and dips into the low 30s. When the shit hits the fan in game with nades, guns, smoke, fire, levelustion or whaterver it is called, go off at the same time will get dipps.

    I would guess that you will get overall good results tho. Untra/High mix is more than fine to play. Just cut down on the AA and OC the cpu if you can.

    The game is buggy and has lag spikes that have nothing to do with the rig. Just be aware.
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