P9x79, Sound Blaster Zx sound issue with Sennheiser PC 363D headset

Hello gents.

I bit the bullet and finally bought myself a sound card after only using the onboard sound for a few years (My old builds had the Sound blaster audiology 2zs and it was fine for it's time). I also had to get a new set of headphones.

I bought myself Sennheiser PC 363D and connected it to the card extension device. I immediately noticed something was wrong when the center of the sound was towards my right speaker. The quality of the microphone was absolutely dismal as well, though the sound coming through the headset was coming in rather clearly and nicely.

I tried unconnecting the plugs from the external volume device and plugging it in directly to the sound card but the same results were there. I made sure to uninstall all the old drivers and install the drivers for the sound card, so I don't think that was the issue.

I know it's not the headset because I removed and uninstalled the drivers for soundblaster and just plugged the headset in directly (USB) to the computer motherboard without the soundcard in there and it works perfectly fine, the mic sounds excellent and the sound is centered.

I am slightly at a loss here, so I hope someone here has run into this issue and that it's not just a malfunctioning sound card, or perhaps a non compatibility with the P9x79 motherboard.

PS: When the card was still in, I also tested out my sourround sound speakers, which worked perfectly fine in 5.1. Only was funky with my headset.
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  1. this might be a silly thing to suggest.. but play with the settings... if it's in surround mode 2 speakers/headphones will probably sound like crap,
    and the x-fi 5.1 surround pro i had switched the modes automatically when headphones plugged in ... also not sure what to say about the microphone

    -also make sure you disable some virtual surround setting the card might have... it made everything (weirdly apart from my cheap 2.0 headphones) sound like absolute crap...
  2. I have tried playing around with the settings quite a bit, surround on and off made no difference in fixing the center issue. The center of the sound was still in the right speaker. I could hear the difference in quality with it on and off though, but that had nothing to do with the issue. I also played around in the control panel in the sound settings making sure the correct devices were selected.
  3. uninstall the 3d game driver and see if that helps... unless you already tried/ or install it if you haven't yet... who knows
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    well what can i say - the headphones come with their own soundcard... i guess you don't need anything else then... unless you also want to run speakers as well ... are you able to run both at the same time? (i guess it might put extra load on the cpu, however windows 8 should fix that problem - it has hardware sound acceleration again and it was missing since windows xp) - i saw "zoiper" voip telehone put some activity spikes on cpu usage in task manager under windows7 and they disappeared when i switched to windows8 so i think it actually works....
  5. Ok I did what you said and removed the 3d drivers and I also replugged the sound card. My belief is that either the 3d drivers did the trick or the reseating of the sound card because now everything is working just fine.

    Thank you for the help either way.
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