Dvi output to input VGA adapter for gaming?

Hello, I'm building a computer this holiday, and I have an old XFX Radeon 6870. It has two dvi outputs, an hdmi output, and 2 DP outputs. The only problem is that my monitor only has a vga input. To make it worse, the vga is built in so there is no way to change it. I was wondering if there was an adapter that I could use to connect my monitor to my graphics card. Also, would there be any fps drops, microstuttering, or frame skips?

Thanks is advance.:)
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  1. Yes there is! You can just go to the nearest tech store and ask for a DVI to VGA adapter, I am sure they have it. :)
  2. What about frame skips and micro stutters?
  3. I got my sapphire hd7770 ghz oc today, and I'm using the adapter I got with it. works flawlessly.
  4. oh, thanks! Are you using one of those short and stubby little adapters? or a cable?
  5. Yeah, it's the short one.
  6. k thanks. I may just get a new monitor if I can but I might just go for the adapter. Because the only problem is that my old monitor is 1024x768.....
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    Sure, good luck :)
  8. DVI-I to VGA it
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