7970 xfx black edition crashing? psu might be the problem?

Hello people. I have a 7970 black edition and it kinda constantly crashes on games, lately getting worse, tried increasing power control to +20 from ccc already but still. Some days i can play the entire day no problem and some others it is unbearable, temperatures are fine. The only thing i can think of is that i have a 600w coolermaster and im not sure its enough for the card, i have 6 gb ram ddr3 and a phenom x6 3.5 GHz. The psu has 2 rails +12 18 A 5 V 25 A and 5 V 30 A. Will changing the psu be of any good?
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  1. whats ur full specs
  2. no, psu has nothing to do with crashing....most faulty psu will cause random reboots
    1. its probably faulty hdd, ram or gpu...
    2. you have corrupted game/ windows or drivers..
  3. ^ um no. PSU load goes up drastically during gaming vs idle and it can EASILY cause a GPU to crash. Either from being overloaded or having crappy voltage regulation. It happens often when people but junk supplies and can cause all sorts of problems.

    Do the math. 12 * 18 * 2 = 432W. no where near 600W that's your second sign its a bad supply. The first sign was its a cooler master. Also consider that when they list 2 rails the amps they list are the MAX for the rail. The combined amps are usually quite a bit lower. You need to give your actual model but I can say I would not run any machine on a cooler master with that rating and those specs. I've seen enough reviews and fried rigs to know better.

    Consider that the 7970 is a 250W+ card. Plus your 125W CPU. Then the rest of your system. Also consider that the max a single one of your rails is rated for is 216W and you're probably easily pulling more than that on at least one. Plus all the voltage fluctuations and noise you get from a very low end supply. And that's when you're NOT maxing it out.

    Bottom line I would replace it asap and you're lucky it didn't fry your whole machine. Expensive components and horrible PSUs should not mix. replacing it is the first thing that should be done as it shouldn't be powering a rig like that to start.
  4. I wish i had corsair here in Argentina but i dont mate >.< coolermaster are the most expensive, the other brands are not even competetive, things like noganet and aerocool, overtech, sentey. Not familiar with any of those, what would you advice?
  5. how about this one?
    ATX 800W Aero Cool Strike-X 800W
  6. whats ur budget and website u will use.
  7. Money is not the problem, the problem is what i get in Argentina and the website i shop from requires to be registered (you can not sign in) to buy
  8. tell me if the ATX 800W Aero Cool Strike-X 800W would be suitable for the rig
  9. well i need a website to help sorry and aero cool= junk
  10. and a 620 w SILENT PRO from coolermaster? heard they're pretty good
  11. that would be good there gold rated and prob ur best bet as u say ur selection is limited.
  12. I already got myself a corsair cx600m i hope it was a good choice as it arrives next week
  13. Best answer
    thats gonna be fine.

    not the best nor the worst powersupply and corsairs alot better than coolermaster for power.

  14. I just hope my gpu stops crashing!! I'll report back in 4 or 5 days.
  15. Sounds good
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