Can i get a replacement on some Ram that a store no longer sells?

i bought some ram from overclockers and then started having problems and whatnot so after a while ( a couple months) i went back on the website and it says
Sorry, this product is currently not available.
heres the problem... i have lifetime warrenty with this ram and its broken but i cant send/i don't know how to send it back anybody got any ideas?
btw hers the ram.
TeamGroup Elite 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C11 1600MHz Dual Channel Kit (TED38GM1600HC11DC01)
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  1. Have you contacted TeamGroup or overclockers?
  2. bignastyid said:
    Have you contacted TeamGroup or overclockers?

    no:/ im not really sure where to start...
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