pc turns on and off in less than a second repeatedly

Ill be writing this from my phone so pleasee forgive any mistakes. I recently downloaded and patched Tera, the MMORPG, which took m e around 2 days straight. I played it for a few hours and then I noticed an uncommon warmness coming from the pc. I thought that it was due to the long period that it remained turned on so I didnt care much and simply turned it off. Next morning i started playing again and noticed the same issue, which troubled me and made me decide to clean the dust that had been accumulating over the last few months. After that, i plugged everything back and ofc, thinking it was solved, started playing again. Id still feel the heat but i didnt care since i had done what i could.After 30 minutes the screen froze and the pc shut down. Then when i tried to turn it on, i'd get nothing displayed on the monitor. Then i tried to use another cable (from the white one the blue one, which i believe to be vga but please forgive my lack of knowledge). With the new cable i got a black screen with a little white rectangle on top left. A friend of mine suggested me to take the battery off and put it bacl after 2-3 mins, which I did
Now the pc turns on for 1 sec then goes off repeatedly. My decisions and attitudes might not have been the best, but please take in consideration that i know nothing about pcs, just the basic. My pc is a xps8300. I can provide you with more info if necessary, but since im on my phone it isnt that simple
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    since you made some claning i would recheck all the cable if they are plug in correctly and do the same with fan and memory also the video card and if you could test her on another system to see if she still work .
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