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So im looking to buy the GTX 780 and i just noticed on newegg there is 2 versions the normal and superclocked versions.
the superclocked version which i was originally planning to get i noticed that it says This model is factory overclocked to 980 MHz Base Clock/1045 MHz Boost Clock (standard 875 MHz Base Clock/928 MHz Boost Clock), pushing the performance to a new level. Knowing this would that mean i need a aftermarket cpu cooler , or any extra coolers?

then i seen a cheaper non superclocked version

Besides the top one being superclocked whats the difference between the two cards?
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  1. Sometimes They are binned higher ( chips picked out for higher clocks compared to the non superclocked version. )

    You do not need any extra cooling - the card does all the work.

    I would go with the un-superclocked version. You can overclock it by yourself if you know how to.
  2. Buying "superclocked" cards are usually a waste of money if all they have is higher stock clocks, you can easily OC your card yourself, the cooler will be fine. Although I like the EVGA ACX Cooling a lot more.
  3. If you are willing to wait or can find it elsewhere I really like the ACX cooling on this card

    It also overclocks really well,27.html
  4. hmm thanks for that ill check this card out you linked.

    And Ethan i dont know how to overclock a card.

    also Patrick that is a nice card but i cant wait i wanna order the card by tomorrow so ill have it by christmas.
  5. OC'ing a card is really easy and there are tons of guides online
  6. You can overclock a card in 10mins, and one you do yourself will ALWAYS be faster than factory OC cards. Look up guides rather than spending the extra.
  7. Agreed with cookybiscuit, it is unbelievably easy and is the easiest component to OC
  8. and whats better Asus or Evga? cause i was comparing the sizes of evga gtx 780 ti 10.5" x 4.38"
    and the Asus gtx 780 ti 10.8 x 4.4 x 1.5

    and its correct that they both will fit into a 1 slot pci express3.0 mobo
  9. Those both have stock style of cooling, like I said before the ACX is the best as of now
  10. yea i understand what you said =) but i cant afford waiting till that card comes back into stock

    but to play games like arma 3 on ultra the stock cooling will be fine enough?
  11. Will it play Arma 3? You kidding? This is the fastest card out there man
  12. ok i could of worded the question better. I should of asked with the stock cooling would it play arma 3 on ultra with out me having to worry about the card overheating.
  13. Yes it will be fine, though I personally don't like the temps of that or the AMD R9 290(X). But they are designed to run at those high temps, I always wait for aftermarket coolers, but if you really cannot wait it is still a fast card
  14. now the aftermarket coolers you mention are they on the card you linked? or do you buy them seperate?
  15. The ACX cooler is an aftermarket is is currently the only one on sale at the moment, but there are more coming here very soon, reviews of the Gigabyte version look very promising,28.html
  16. No, big difference in performance between the 780 and 780ti
  17. so with the 2 cards im debating between in my orginal post, is there anything i can do to lower the temps? i know they can run at 80 or so C but i dont like it being that hot

    Also can you suggest good Ram cards? heres the dxdiag report of the system\\

    and would adding better ram help in any way?

    but for now im off to sleep thanks for the help so far im headed towards the non superclocked geforce gtx 780 ti
  18. about 85 C during heavy gaming loads, only thing to significant lower the temps is to buy a water block and set that up? Or wait on aftermarket coolers/ACX to come back in stock?
  19. hmm the aftermarket cooler,28.html is this card right? if im wrong can i please get the link to the card.
  20. Yes that is the Gigabyte aftermarket card, but isn't in stores quite yet, seeing as it was reviewed a week ago should be here any time now
  21. hmm i see what ya mean. i would wait for it if it will make a highly noticeable difference. But then again the longer i wait the less of a chance it being here for christmas.
  22. Yeah, you could always get a water block, or this later on
  23. true but the thing is i never installed one of them unless they are easy to install.

    But running the gtx 780 ti on the stock fan alone will be good enough without to much worrying about overheating?
  24. No, it will be fine, but a year or so down the road you never know, I mean look at the original 360, a couple months into its life cycle hardware failure galore due to lack of cooling
  25. hmm that makes sense how would I install a waterblock? is it the same as water cooling?
  26. tyty one more thing im measuring the case with the GPU and it appears that the cad will just barley fit into the case theres a half of an inch between the end of the GPU and where the harddrive case is. How much of a problem would that be?
  27. Best answer
    half of an inch will be fine, you'll just have to not put the HDD right behind it which shouldn't be a problem as there is more than enough other slots for it
  28. Gtx 780 Ti !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  29. BuzzKenway said:
    Gtx 780 Ti !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Yes, yes it is a 780 Ti, and you picture causes cancer..
  30. Off topic. My picture causes stark dumbness. But nobody knows, because it is making them dumb.

    Get a 780. you don't need a custom cooling. If you are not going to overclock the cooler is made to work with it like it is.
    The 780 ti isn't really worth the 200$ more than a 780.
  31. The 780Ti is quite a lot better than the 780
  32. patrick47018 said:
    The 780Ti is quite a lot better than the 780

    But is it worth 200$? Honestly, i wouldn't go with Nvidia, Because the 780 was 700$, and then amd released the r9 290x, and they dropped it 200$. I personally dislike the company, because they were sucking off consumers, when they could have been selling it for the price it is now.

    My opinion, and it is why I go with the company selling things at real prices.
  33. Ethan what card do you recomend?
  34. A ton of gfx cards are out of stock. I recommend an r9 290x or a r9 290. But I would only purchase one with a better cooler. aka dc II.
  35. Well the R9 290(X) only has stock coolers at the moment too
  36. We all know that, Dan, what is your current graphics card?
  37. Radeon Hd 6670 so regardless ill be looking at a massive upgrade
  38. Yup, no matter what you get it'll be a huge improvement :)
  40. hah yea i would love to, but im not the one buying it. My aunt asked me to find a good graphics card for my cousin for christmas.
  41. Well now there is 2 great options out and a Zotac version coming here soon
  42. ah sweet ill look into the ones comming out thanks =)
  43. Danoga said:
    ah sweet ill look into the ones comming out thanks =)

    Not a problem, don't forget to select a best answer and if you have any more questions come on back to the forums here at Tom's
  44. true i will do that great site.
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