CPU Memory Specs with motherboard RAM specs

I am building a computer and need advice. The CPU has memory specs and so does the motherboard. So, part picker is telling me that all my parts are compatible even though, according to my CPU specs, the memory is not compatible. Here are some inks.

So do only the motherboards specs matter, or do they both have to support it.
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  1. They will be just fine.. both are socket 1155 and both support DDR3 1066/1333
  2. The CPU memory specs is important. The MB can support other CPU, if you put the i5-2380P into that MB, the RAM speed can run at 1333MHz, you maybe can oc the RAM to 1600MHz but not the 1866MHz, if you add the i5-2500K you may oc the RAM to 1866Mhz.
  3. So I can get 1066, 1333, and 1600, and that is it with this combo.
  4. 2001blader said:
    So I can get 1066, 1333, and 1600, and that is it with this combo.

    Get 1333
  5. Get the good brand 1600mhz cl8 or cl9 RAM , 1333MHz is good too, but don't get one like the Corsair's vaunted ValueSelect type.
  6. So I should get 1333. But will the 1600 work or will it just be bad.
  7. 1600Mhz is a little bit better than the 1333MHz, but if there is big price difference between them, you can get the 1333Mhz, otherwise get the 1600mhz.
  8. if I get the 1600 and it is incompatible, will it revert to 1333 or will it not work at all.
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    If the RAM is good brand like G.SKILL , CORSAIR Vengeance , Crucial Ballistix , Kingston HyperX etc. they will work well. Check my signature I had the CORSAIR XMS 8GB 1600Mhz.
    If you want you can use the 1600Mhz at 1333MHz too because the system will run the default at 1333mhz.
  10. ok
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