2 Beeps (Parity circuit failure?) and no display.


I've gotten my pc recently and have spent 2 excruciatingly painful days trying to get my baby to work. :(

First of all, it would boot but then have no display. No sounds.
I took all of the components out, took out the batter + reset the CMOS, then put all of the components back in and now am getting the 2 short beeps on start up which I've read is the parity circuit failure. I've tried putting each stick of RAM(Corsair Vengeance 2+4gb) in all of the available slots and starting up but I still get the same 2 beeps and no display.

I'm using a Gigabyte 990fx-uda3, fx 8350, xfx radeon hd 7970.
If any of you could help then I'm be very grateful, I really want to stop feeling so frustrated and load up Battefield 4!
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  1. try with out the gpu then try using a spare hdd if you have but maybe the mobo is the sick part have to rma maybe i hope you reg your stuff ahead i do just in cae good luck
  2. Two beeps usually means a parity circuit failure which is a problem with either your memory or your motherboard. Try re-seating the RAM or booting with a RAM stick that you know is good.
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