Please Help Me Find a GPU for my PC

I have an ASUS CM6870. LINK:
And my Motherboard:

Can someone please help me find a GPU that will work with my motherboard and CPU and
that will run Games like Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts at Ultra, Full settings @ 60FPS.
And the cheapest too, please. Thanks
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  1. We can help you find a video card but you'll have to give us more specifications of your computer. The first link is to a computer from Asus but doesn't tell us what you got for components. CPU , Ram , Video card , power supply.

    Next we need to know your budget.

    Your motherboard is fine and will accept any video card.
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    simply throwing a powerful GPU into an off the shelf PC isnt as easy as you would like. for starters you will have to get a new power supply because the 350W Peak PSU that is in the case linked is not enough. it will require about 600W, that is if you really want ultra settings @60fps. another thing that we need to know is the resolution of your monitor. this will help determine what GPU's are available to run BF4 Ultra @60fps. if your answer is 1080p or higher then you are looking at a $400+ GPU. honestly with the graphics in games today you could get away with lower setting and a cheaper GPU but that is a call you will have to make yourself. BUT getting a new power supply is required before adding any mid to high end GPU.
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