Recomendme a MOBO to support Gtx670 ftw sli + core i7 2600k

Hi there, Im looking for a good motherboard, to fit my 2 EVGA GTX 670 FTW, with my i7 2600k

Im confused, as I see on some mother boards, that supports SLI, that they say PCIE 3.0/2.0 16x (8x/ 8x when SLI), so that means that when I put 2 GTX 670 the PCIE bandwith goes to 8x in each slot, right?, but my doubt is that if I have an i7 2600k, I will not support PCIe3, so that means that I will be runing my GTX's 670's in (PCIE 2.0 8x /8x) ? or I will be runing (PCIE 2.0 16x/16x)? because as far as I know, PCIE 3.0 8x = PCIE 2.0 16x, so please helpme, what would be the best choice for me?, oh! and in adition, can you list a mobo that supports OC for my 2600k?

these are my actual hardware

CPU: Intel Core i7 2600k 3.4ghz
RAM: 4x 4GB kingston Hyper X BLU 1333

Thanx alot :D
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    I'd go the Rocks Z77 Extreme 4 - I've run a pair of 770s on mine with no problem, and it's the best selling Z77 for gamers and business users alike
  2. Thanks, but it says that PCIE 3.0 runs at 8x, so??? With my i7 2600k will only run at PCIE2.0 at 8X/8X? or it will be ilke PCIE 2.0 16x/16x? thanx
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