OC GPU but I'm not overclocking...any advice?

Hey there, this is my first build and I snagged the Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 GHZ OC 2 GB 256 -bit GDDR5 for $160 on black friday, but I never intended on overclocking (I didn't realize it was an OC edition =/ ) - I won't be gaming with demanding games but might do light gaming from time to time and video editing. Are there any settings or adjustments I need to set/make since this an OC version? I'm not even completely sure what that entails for a GPU - i understand that overclocking means higher temps, power consumption, and higher ghz speed but I don't want to fry anything/waste power if i'm not overclocking =/
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    In this case, OC means that the card is already overclocked by Sapphire.
    It's just a card with higher clock rates that will work better, it doesn't actually mean that you should overclock it.

    Just think of it as a slightly better/faster card =)
  2. I hope you enjoy your new graphic cards,
    Best wishes for these holidays :)
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