how much is this used toshiba laptop worth(around 2 years old)??

Here are the specs:
Toshiba satellite p755-1002x
15.6" screen
i72670QM 2.2 ghz with turbo boost up to 3.1 ghz
nvidia gt540m
8gb ram
640 gb hdd
no physical damage. Mint condition.
Forgot the original price but definitely over 1000 USD.

how much(in usd) would you say that this laptop is worth?

Searched the exact model but can't seem to find much info on that laptop...
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  1. My personal opinion, You could sell that PC for maybe 600 dollars, 650 if you get lucky.
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    Why would anyone (with half a brain) pay 600 let alone 1000 when you can have a new Toshiba for 600 with a warranty
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