19/24/19 Mix Monitor Setup, need some help!

So a while back I bought a couple Acer 19" 5:4 Monitors ($15 each) in the hope of later on use them in a 3 monitor setup (as to me 3x23 or 3x24 is just too wide). I am trying to figure the most important part in matching the center monitor.

The Acers are AL1916CB: 19" 5:4 1280x1024 86.27PPI with viewable area of 14.84"W by 11.87"H

At first I wanted to setup a LLL and match physical sizes, so a 24" 16:9 would work as their viewable area 11.77" high (a 0.1" diff, about 1.5/16th of an inch) but as I learned more about triple mix monitor setup, I noticed the PPI (pixel per inch) might be more important to get everything to line up.

So my question, should I go with say something like this:
Acer G246HLAbd: 24" 16:9 1920x1080 91.79PPI with viewable area of 20.9"W by 11.77H (matching physical height but a difference of 5.5PPI)
Hanns-G HL269DPB: 26" 16:9 1920x1080 84.73PPI with viewable area of 22.66"W x 12.75"H (0.88" difference in physical height which doesn't bother me but almost identical PPI with a difference of only 1.54PPI between the 2).

I just want to make sure that I get that right, that the PPI is more important in aligning things than physical size. Will it be very bad to have a 5PPI difference between the monitors. I plan on playing with SoftTH or just stretching in window mode and hoping eyefinity ppl will wake up and add it to their config). I will also be removing bezels as I already did on my 19"'s.

If a difference of 5PPI isn't noticable (I have no clue) I could also go with a PLP setup with a 27":
Hanns-G HL273HPB 27" 16:9 1920x1080 81.59PPI with a viewable area of 23.53"W x 13.24"H
That makes a physical height difference of 1.6" (not a big deal to me) and 4.68PPI (that could a deal breaker if too visible).
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  1. Here are some more numbers (seems even a 25" would be very close in physical and PPI)

    19"L to 24"L | 86.27PPI to 91.79 PPI | -5.52 PPI Difference | Physical Size Diff. = +0.10" L

    19"L to 25"L | 86.27PPI to 88.12 PPI | -1.85 PPI Difference | Physical Size Diff. = -0.39" L

    19"L to 26"L | 86.27PPI to 84.73 PPI | +1.54 PPI Difference | Physical Size Diff. = -0.88" L

    19"P to 27"L | 86.27PPI to 81.59 PPI | -4.68 PPI Difference | Physical Size Diff. = +1.6" P

    19"L to 27"L | 86.27PPI to 81.59 PPI | -4.68 PPI Difference | Physical Size Diff. = -1.37" L
  2. So I decided to order one 24" and see how it went with the possibility to get 2 more later and turns out I love it!

    Haven't had much trouble setting up SoftTH with some of the games I tried, I got it working so far with World of Wacraft, Dirt 3, Dragon's Prophets, Grid 2 demo, War Thunder, World of Warplanes and Rift. Most games don't need any modification, drop the DLL, start the game and select the new resolution.

    I am running each monitor in their native resolution and it looks really nice (1280x1024/1920x1080/1280x1024). The 19" are the same height as a 24" monitor so it fits nicely. I had to lower my graphics settings from "all ultra" to "all high" to get above 50 fps thought so I can't imagine with 3 x 1920x1080 lol

    PS: I might still return it and get a 27" in center since I noticed the difference in PPI really doesn't both me. :D
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