Please music is gone

All my music has disappeared. Here's how it happened:

Yesterday, all my music was in the default 'My Music' user folder.

In trying to be more organised, I decided to put my photos, videos and music into one folder, which was the 'My Videos' user folder renamed to 'Media'. At this point I was unaware that the default user folders acted differently to normal folders.

So I created a folder in 'Media' called 'Music', and cut/pasted my music from 'My Music' to there. I then deleted the now empty 'My Music' folder in my user folder.

At that moment, everything was fine - nothing had disappeared and I could still access everything. Today, when I turned on my computer, shockingly, a new 'My Music' folder had popped up in my user folder and the 'Music' folder in 'Media' had been renamed to 'My Music', the icon was changed to the default user folder one with a blue note on it, and it was EMPTY D=.

There is nothing in my Recycle Bin and Piriform Recuva didn't work.

How can I recover my music?
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    Have you run a search for your music files using normal search tools (in the event that they may not have been deleted)? Windows may have moved them to a location where you haven't thought to look.

    Try using the wildcard option (eg *.mp3) in the criteria box using Agent Ransack:

    If that doesn't find them, all I can say is that your "missing" files will be on the hard drive somewhere, even if Windows has deleted them. They won't actually be lost until new files overwrite them, which means it's essential to search for them as soon as possible & keep any disk-write operations down to a minimum. Agent Ransack won't find fully deleted files but try some other free file recovery software. They might work where Recuva has failed:
  2. Look in the Recycle Bin.
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