First Time Installing Wireless on Desktop. Wont Work Plz Help!!! Pics Included.

So im moving my computer from the living room to the bedroom. Ive decided to go Wireless with my desktop for the first time. My wired connection seems to work just fine, always has. I bought a Tp-Link TL-WDN4800 (450Mbps Dual Band). My router is a Tp-Link TL-WDR4300 (N750 Dual Band). Ive never posted myself so hopefully after i hit publish i can add pics for further information.

I Installed the Wireless card into my open 16x Pcie (formally used on SLI cards) as i understand pcie are backwards compatable so i dont believe the issue is there, also the status light blinks green in the back. Anyway for whatever reason i feel like im missing something and i cannot even get a list of networks to connect to.

I tried installing and reinstalling drivers using given disk. then i used my usb stick to get the newest drivers. I miss my gaming rig... Im not a pro like u guys so id appreciate anything you can do to get me back online. Im pretty savy but im unable to figure out the cause of my issue. I have never used wireless on a windows based device before. Thx for reading my rant. <3
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More about time installing wireless desktop wont work plz pics included
  1. Gaming rig huh? I know windows Xp had wirelesszero to manage wireless connections. Does Win7 have a similar service that you might have turned off to speed up your gaming?
  2. curtis_87 said:
    Gaming rig huh? I know windows Xp had wirelesszero to manage wireless connections. Does Win7 have a similar service that you might have turned off to speed up your gaming?

    yes, and no its not turned off, i have it opened in one of the screen shots. i checked msconfig and services to make sure nothing was disabled. I also double checked win features just to be sure. the win7 autofix tool says that there might be a problem with the driver, however after uninstalling/reinstalling getting most up to date via internet after cd didnt work. So i dont see how the driver could really be the issue. I dont believe it is a bunk card because my usb wireless stick does not work either in a similar fashion, and i know it works ive used it many times in laptops/handheld devices.
  3. So, firewalls are down, antivirus off. Are you able to drop wireless security on the router and connect with say a phone for example?.
  4. yes all other devices connect fine. I have tried all basic steps.
  5. One last thing, you know when you install a NIc, once the device is installed it asks u which zone you want to assign it to (home, work, public) does it bring up that screen at all?

    I have noticed in the past, if you dont select a zone it wont let you connect the device to the network.
  6. One other thing to try is boot into safe mode with networking. F8 as pc starts. Perhaps something is conflicting when everything is running?
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    There is something that may be of value, aparently dell recommends installing drivers in a particular order, I have also seen intel recommend this, or jumpt to

    Did you install the drivers for the chipset first before everything else on your rig?

    If you havent yet installed the correct dirvers fot the chipset this could be a reason...note could.
  8. I have found the solution to my problem. apparently in the adapter settings there was an option i am unfamiliar with, perhaps it only pertains to wifi but i will post a screenshot to show you. All i did was uncheck the highlighted option and restart and then it worked! so happy!
  9. i didnt think they would install a firewall component on the adapter itself. strange to me, either way im glad its working now.

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