cant figure out if i need low profile graphics card

hey i just got a lenovo Model H520 (57317569) and im trying to figure out the specs on the graphic cards,i dont know if i need low profile or not ,it dosnt appear to be a slim line model it looks average to me but when i look it up all i find is specs for the slimline model.also i know its low watts 240 but i cant find anywhere that says if the power supply ATX or TFX. ITs a brand new computer and i desperately need to get it game playing ready for christmas.Any help will be sooo appreciated
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    well, Lenovo H520 (57317569) is a desktop pc..

    you can add normal size graphic card in it..

    well, a 7750 is a (very) low power graphic card.
    It will fit in it, and give you a nice frames rate in games..
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