new cpu,motherboard and ram today my new components arrived and i'm troubled because i read various articles about what to do when changing cpu and mobo.the thing is that the new cpu is amd fx 8320 and the old one was intel 2 quad i don't realy know what to do before installing the new harware,in the articles that i have read they say that since i have windows 7 i don't need to do it true?also i don't have the windows 7 cd because i installed this os 3-4 years ago and i have no idea where the cd is
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    First of all do you need to reinstall Windows. Drivers and old installations from your harddisk wont work very well if you boot it up on the new hardware.

    If you need a CD/ISO. Then here you go:

    Can't find your CD-key? Then boot up your old setup and use Speccy to find it:

    The thing about Windows 7 and you don't need to do anything. It is a lie, like the cake. You still need to reinstall Windows and thereafter all new drivers.
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